Saraswat Sammelan 2014

National level Saraswat Sammelan is being organised in April 2014 in Mumbai.
The draft of this event is being prepared by the various Saraswat organisations. AISCO is leading the discussions. 
It is expected that around 5000 community members will attend this Sammelan in Mumbai. 
Saraswat Bank is taking initiative to sponsor it. 
These are the basic things about this event. 
Things will be finalised in October-Nov 2013.
You may contact AISCO at
Saraswat Mitra Magazine will actively support the event to make it successful.



       In December 1999 an unprecedented event is expected to take place in the beautiful coastal city of Mangalore- the first ever Vishwa Saraswat Sammelan'99, which will bring together for the first time Saraswats of all backgrounds... and on a scale never witnessed before. The event will highlight to the world, the distinct Saraswat identity-something as of yet unknown to many. According to the Puranas, the Saraswats derive their lineage from their founding father, the great sage Saraswat Muni who lived on the banks of the lost river Saraswati in North India six thousand years ago. Tragically, the disappearance of the life giving river Circa 1000 BC subsequently led to a series of mass migration which has scattered the Saraswat population over the years - giving rise to various smaller denominations such as the Gauda Saraswats, the Chitrapur Saraswats, The Rajapur Saraswats, Kutchi Saraswats and so on. Similarly the origins of some ethnic groups such as the Kashmiri Saraswats and certain communities of Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab can also be traced to the Saraswat entity. Inheritors of ancient Vedic practices, the Saraswat have for centuries persistently preserved their traditions; facilitated largely by the community temples and maths which have proved to be the medium for social interaction. However the ravages of time have slowly eroded their common cultural identity which is so precious to their preservation. Vishwa Saraswat Sammelan'99 which shall take place from 16th to 19th December 1999 at Mangala Stadium Grounds in Mangalore is conceived to address this need for a cultural integration of Saraswat identity. Would you not love to be a part and parcel of this historic event?


         To bring together for the first time, Saraswats of all denominations spread the world over for inter blend, better understanding and mutual appreciation. To identify the areas of unity and diversity among the various Saraswat denominations and to devise a strategy for their unified development, taking into considerations these factors. To facilitate the preservation and propagation of the Saraswat way of life with reference to cultural indicators such as language, customs and traditions, arts and craft. To focus attention on the religious, cultural, social, economic and other issues that affect and concern the lives of Saraswats in particular. To encourage a sense of pride and prestige among the Saraswat population through greater self awareness and knowledge of their rich cultural heritage.


The Convention will feature:-

CONFERENCES where between 9.00 AM and 5.00 PM everyday there will be papers presented, lectures delivered, discussions held and resolutions debated over by eminent scholars and renowned experts on a wide variety of topics and issues concerning Saraswats.

SARASWAT DARSHAN an exhibition of uniqueness and rich variety of the Saraswat culture in terms of literature, costumes, cuisine, architecture, instruments, artifacts, rare objects and exhibits, Hall of Fame etc.

CULTURAL PRESENTATIONS, where every evening after 6.00 PM the world will be offered a glimpse of the fascinating variety of Saraswat arts ranging from folk arts to theater to music to cultural programmes of every kind.

MAAN SAMMAN, where individuals and institutions that have put in meritorious service for preservation and propagation of Saraswat language, literature and culture will be honoured by eminent people specially invited for the purpose.

COMPETITIONS and contests will be held for enthusiastic Saraswat men, women and children from all backgrounds to display their talents in various fields.

An INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR which will include display stalls for companies and organisations and sales counters for artifacts, goods and novelties.

GENERAL AMUSEMENT with recreational games and joyrides to lend a lively ambience and help create a festive mood.

 Delegate Regn.
  Any Resident or Non Resident Indian Saraswat can become a delegate* (or other category) at the First Vishwa Saraswat Sammelan '99 by paying the amounts as shown below :-                                                   

Category                      Resident Indians                NRIs                   

Delegate                            Rs 250/-                   US $ 100                      
Patron                               Rs 1000/-                                                       
Grand Patron                     Rs 5000/-                                                      
Reception Committee         Rs 1,00,000/-           US $ 5000

       All forms of contribution for the cause, in form of monetary, material, morale, intellectual and participatory help is welcome and solicited.Advertisement tariff for the Souvenir which is to be released on the auspicious occasion of the Sammelan are as given below:- 
Full Page :                    Rs 5000/-                                                           
Half Page :                   Rs 3000/-                                                           
Coloured Page :           Rs 10,000/-                                                        
1/2 Page :                    Rs 6,000/-                                                          
4th Cover Page :          Rs 50,000/-                                                         
2 & 3 Cover Page :      Rs 30,000/-                                                        
 Last Facing Page :        Rs 10,000/-                                                        
Size of Souvenir :         19 cms by 25 cms   

 Convention Office

AISCO - Mangalore Regional Committee, Sri Srinivas Path Shala, V.T. Road, Mangalore 575 003
DK - Karnataka INDIA